Importing .obj, .3ds, and .xml files doesn't work?

I've tried to import all file types that JME supports, but no luck.

I exported a model with Blender (I am pretty fluent with Blender) to .xml (with a plugin) and to .obj and .3ds.

It is a low-poly mesh that I made, with no materials, subsurf, or anything!

I used all of the importers, and I always get this error (this one is XmlWorld):

SEVERE: Exception in game loop
        at hello3d.test.importtest.simpleInitGame(
        at hello3d.test.importtest.main(

Any ideas on how to fix this error?

Oh, and since my model is so low-poly, can I just make an array of the points and faces?
I remember that Java 3D had that sort of feature...

Well,…it would be interesting what exactly happened at Line80. Can you

show your sourcecode? I have a feeling the importer is not finding the model-file…

Which .xml, ogre mesh or jme?

For the beginning the code where the error occurs!?

Oh, sorry.

I think that I have it figured out.

If I followed a tutorial to setup NetBeans 6.7 for JME, where does Java look for the libraries?

I think that I might be including the file in a place where it can't be found…