Importing saved particle systems from 1.0 -> 2.0

Does anybody has similar issue?

I was "fixing" the .jme models for (jmephysics), since the old ones were converted for 1.0 format which is no longer supported. It happened that I had the original Blender files for the car and wheels (exported them to .obj for convertion).

The SMOKE particle system, however, was created with RensParticleEditor and the only "original" is the actual saved .jme file. Since I can't import it with the 2.0 version, I'm clueless on how to get all my nicely hand-tuned (no hard-coded) particle systems working with the new version.

Notice that this is a potential issue for everybody who saves particle systems created in the editor, not being specific to my case.

Anyway, I've sent the converted car and wheel models to Nymon and I think he'll get TestAdvancedVehicle clearance to run with jme 2.0 and jmephysics 2.2 (whithout the smoke fx though). And I'm modeling a nicer car to mark the transition to 2.0 since the old one sucks big time.

this is where we need the future xml equivalent of the binary exporter/importer. i would probably do a simple text exporter/importer, writing out all the settings of the particlesystem so that you can read it back on the 2.0 sideā€¦

After the contest I suggested here:

I'll suggest another one:

Best downloadable tool (with doc+dource+running jnpl) and this would be a good example of such tool (converting from one version to the other)

The particle system was improved with new features in 2.0, (another donation of my ncsoft work hours) with the addition of a timeline allowing you to setup more than just start and end particle characteristics, but also values all along the lifetime of the particles.  This enhancement makes it incompatible with 1.0 (but we had said that would be the case already.)

I'll echo MrCoder on suggestions, but also, if this is a problem for a lot of people, I could look into making the editor capable of reading and writing to some intermediate text format.

I think some things have to be lost anyway, it's a natural fenomena in these "migrations". Would be a great tool though, if you don't have any nicer contribution in your spare time.

Anyway thanks for the tip MrCoder. It's impressive how we don't come up with a simple solution like this at once. I think I can do it as well but lack the time at the moment (saving for the demo kit).