Importing Sketchup model


I imported many sketchup objects but today i got a problem with a one model. I converted it via ogre plugin and put in JME3, but when i try to convert it i get:

[java]Unsupported pass directive: depth_check
Unsupported pass directive: depth_write[/java]

i personnaly use the objexporter plugin for sketchup, which allow you to export as .obj even with the free version.

As it seems to be a pretty “official” plugin, i think that there is nothing illegal in this. They recommend it on sketchucation, which is not really a warez site ^^.

You’ll get some problem with normal, however, if you use a component multiple times in the model and with different directions (like 4 time when you create a simetrical arena). To avoid this problem … well, i didn’t find a “perfect” solution, but i found that if i copy my arena, place the copy at 0,0,0 in SU, then explode it as much as i can (i still have a non-exploded version however) then export this with the obj exporter, i get a fine version, with correct normals. However, you’ll lose the “component” access in jme (as there is no “component” in what you export).

Plus, you can use some plugin to remove “useless vertex” (vertex in a plan) to remove vertex that are in a plan after the explode (like the ground : it was 4 square after, in 4 copy of the component, now it’s only 1 square).

I think i’ll ask to the creator of the plugin an option to do all that stuff (place at 0,0,0, explode, decimate) automatically.

The collada export is really bugged in sketchup right now (or it’s the import in blender, but at the end the result is the same : completly messed up).

Hey, just to make some advertisement about my use of SU (hehe, i am a bad boy) here is my sketchup profile. It contains only some model (i have a lot more on my computer).