Imports in default activity missing?

I just started looking at your engine to develop an ouya game for fun.
I am following this, seemingly out of date tutorial:
In it, it mentions plug ins that have out of date names like “Android” instead of what I see “Android Support” and I look in the NBAndroid is an update source so I believe i’m set.
but other than that I follow it to the letter.

When I tried to run the code immediately just to get some sort of hello world scenario using Basic Game template, while my Ouya is connected to the PC it just hanged at
Waiting for device to be ready… Connect your device now if its not connected yet.
When it is, as my ouya says it’s connected.

So I decided to look at the Android Main Activity and the imports created:;;;
I get the following errors:
cannot find symbol Class AndroidHarness
package does not exist
package doesn’t exist.

Do anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong to start out?

You have to enable development support on your android device and on windows you often have to install a com driver for the device too, consult the manual of your android device.

In addition to what Normen said…

Even though the PC can see the device as a drive does not always mean the Android SDK can communicate with the device using ADT. The jMonkey SDK using the standard Android ADT tools to download and start the application. In most cases, you need to download the latest device drivers from the device manufacturer in order for the ADT connection to work.

When you see “waiting for device to connect” in the SDK output screen, it means that the ADT connection to the device is not made yet.

Related to the imports in MainActivity, make sure you install the NBAndroid Netbeans plug-in. The update center has been changed recently (location of the NBAndroid XML file) and the next update to the SDK will include the new location. This location is now:

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Thank you both. You were both correct. But on top i had also installed an unsupported version of the tools.

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Can you post how you got Jmonkey and Ouya running? It hangs at “Waiting for device to be ready… Connect your device now if its not connected yet”.

I got it working.

Solution: Make sure to follow the tutorial and double check the 0x2836 value as they told you to do it.

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