Impossible update


i have many update to do, so i try to do help/checkForUpdate/ that start and make a long time before closing the update windows wihout do any update…

so i go to tool/plugin/ a i see a list of avaible update for (subversion or ide… many things) but when i select all or just one (little as possible ,less than 1mo) the current update starting and dont move et don’t do anything else…

so i post for some help cause i need of some update for continue my recent project but i cant do anything with update

for info : my intenet option is set to : no proxy , and my default nav is set to firefox.

(no need to reply like check your internet thanks :wink:

Known issue. Be patient. :slight_smile:

ok , thanks

i have unstalled jme ide

re-install it and after i click on check for update, during this operation a message appeared and tell my some trouble about connection, i just click on try again (3 time) and after my update has sucessfully done.