Improvement idea: sources unzipped


I’ve discovered that the default source lookup (with CTRL+click on class name) works better if you unzip the sources.
This way you can perform several successive source lookups, as Java coders under NetBeans are used to do.
The default config of the SDK only lets you click once and thus you cannot climb class hierarchies or inspect other classes along the way.

I suggest that you make this the standard way, because the jmonkey platform experience currently suffers this problem:
Currently I have to edit all entries for the .jar libraries for each new project that I create (remove, add unzipped sources folder).
This is quite annoying and less experienced users might need a long time to find out how to make this properly.

Have fun,

Hm, there are still many problems, I checked out Nifty sources and still cannot climb through source code pages of jme3 / nifty properly.