Improving rendering performance?

I'm loading a DXF, which portrays/describes an airport, including buildings, runways and other features. Currently, I'm just creating a bunch of Line objects for each polyline in the DXF.

Rendering performance is obviously poor so what do you suggest to improve performance? I'm somewhat familiar with things like GeomBatch etc, but I was looking for some suggestions from those in the know as to which particular improvement would suit my application.

I wrote the GeometryBatch class a long time ago and that might work here, except I have to rewrite it from accepting TriMeshes and rendering triangles to accepting/rendering lines.


a simple quad tree ??

A quad tree culls nodes that aren't visible, but I want to render the whole airport top-down, which means it won't help me. I was trying to get some ideas on batching geometry. Is Line not the best choice for me? What else could I use? etc.



Do you have any luck with importing a DXF file?

graphics cards dont like drawing lines.

take a look at that, might help:

if you use a Geometry for drawing (Line is not a Geometry in the jME sense), you can start optimizing: Locking, Culling, and much more  :wink:

good luck winning FPS

use a quad instead of a line, it should be faster^^