Improving Scene Composer tools

Thanks a lot for all these contributions.

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Your welcome, :blush: It’s a pleasure. Merci.


I finally done choosing how i can improve the way the scenecomposer shortCuts works. Just FYI the shortcuts was only available into the SelectTool (and it wasn't really readable). Now all of theses shortcuts are available for every tools (in the sceneComposer) and this is also easier to add new shortcuts tool.


Glad that the Scene Composer is being worked on :smiley:

Yes me too.
Is there some way we can add some tool to create primitive geometry such as a box, sphere, etc?
This will be awesome for quick scene mock ups.

It’s been added already

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A simpler way is making your own small asset pack with all kinds of shapes you want.

Yeah, I never thought of that.
Well this feature is not something I specifically want for myself but I was thinking rather for other people who are new with the engine or even someone who which to quickly create a simple scene.

Just some little refactor for more cleaner code (more functional) plus a little change on the DeleteShortcut.

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