In Eclipse, Android + JME

I Visit here to develop 3d android app…

In eclipse, i try to run example code (

But anroidharness didnt resolved. I saw other topic about that androidharness is not resolved.<br /> i have V3.0 beta, and my android version is app level 10.<br /> and i also download the latest library from --><br /> whats the problem?

We do not maintain this github library and cannot help you with that. For the nightly, just include jME3-core.jar, jME3-xxx.jar (depending what you need) and jME3-android.jar from the opt/android directory in a new android project. Then extend AndroidHarness with your main Activity.

The whole process is automated in the SDK though:

I have one question.

if i develop app with eclipse, then JME SDK should turn on??

when i turn off JME SDK, Eclipse console output says [2011-12-07 16:13:37 - DeviceMonitor]Connection attempts: 1

i don`t understand this thing.

If you are really interested in running JME from maven, I have a setup at home (currently at work) which takes the svn version of JME, builds it locally, and installs all the relevant jars in your local repo. This way you are always up to date and can work with maven.

Here it is, it’s a collaboration between the pom.xml and the build.xml. I use the pom, since I’m in maven. But the actual checkout/update → build → install is done from ant through the build.xml.

You will need to tweak the file locations in the build.xml a bit. These are located at the top of the build.xml:

Here the jme3, maven and svn.lib point to the relevant locations on your local system.

The jme3 points to the location where the svn sends the jme3 svn checkout.

The maven points to your local maven installation folder.

In the svn.lib folder you need the following jars:

Maven :? He’s talking about eclipse. @jjwsd: I explained how you can set up the project in Eclipse, you will have to read the Eclipse and android manual on how to set up a project and include the libraries. The link is about doing it in the SDK, where its automatic. You can open the android project thats created in the SDK in Eclipse as well but it makes few sense working with two IDE’s that are as similar.