In-game map teaser

A recently captured screen shot of the in-game map.

No labels or markers or anything and limited at the moment… but it’s getting there.


really waiting for the fully working mini map

Wee :slight_smile:

Now that the world is becoming more and more crowded its easy to get lost when exploring :smiley:

How about making a difference between “normal” (automatically computer-generated) blocks and “custom” blocks a user added manually?

btw: the map’s background is flickering

Which background?

And the map already takes into account user changes… it just ignores certain materials as it’s attempting to show the land mass and not every dock, boat, and random block. :slight_smile: But if you add a lake or an island then it will show up on the map… doesn’t matter why or how it got there.

Great work there Paul! Really nice.

Thanks! Though this one is old news by now. :slight_smile:

Ok, I mean the map should show different colors for “normal” and “custom” blocks. User-generated blocks are displayed on the map (just like they should).

Do you see the border? it looks different from your screen shot. and this color of the outer map border is flickering all over my map.

Seems like the shader I use to render the map may be doing strange things. What platform are you on?

Ubuntu 11.04 x64 (Linux 2.6.35) on Core i5 650 with iGPU