In search of talented peoples!

Hey guys!

I have been making a tower defence game in jMonkeyEngine for a little while and decided I need a bit of support to take it further quicker.

It will be a 3d tower defence game to be played across the internet or lan.

If you are interested and want a guide around what I have done to see if you would like to help - please reply here!



I also want to make a tower defense game. Let me know if I can help.

My JME skills are pretty slim.


Hey greg!

Thats fine we can learn together.

Do you have msn or teamspeak so we can have a chat about it!?



I will be on IRC



Something similar to this?

Feel free to ask me questions if you get stuck.

omg yes - exactly something like that!!!

Are you writing yours open source? I could learn A LOT from the way you have implemented your game! It looks incredible!