In world editable primitive


Has anyone implementing in world editable dynamic primitive like linden lab primitive used in second life?

If you have then it would be interesting to know how you went about it and if there is any JME or other open source code one could utilize when creating such functionality.


Like a mesh?
yes all possible, there are some projects interesting for you, like the constructive stuff.

Did you check out the “custom meshes” wiki page over there? —>

For primitives there’s not even a need to learn about custom meshes.

  1. Mouse picking to select a primitive and/or place them in the world.

  2. new Geometry(“Cube”, new Box(1,1,1));, attach…

  3. local transforms can then be used to scale and move the Box in real time.

But really, getting the controls right is the big issue. You need a function to support dragging the mouse, then a lot of tweaking.

Then you can get into the ‘constructive’ stuff, but when i played Second Life, I don’t think it was possible to extrude from meshes, just add.


I was thinking of something like creating a class type Primitive for which you could give type (box, sphere etc) and and deform parameters like twist, shear etc. These are quite useful in second life when you are starting to construct a building for example.

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