Include last updated date on the download page

I’ve been waiting for the Java 8 version of JME to be released; which basically involves checking the downloads page with an unhealth regularity. Over that time however I have downloaded 3 identical versions of JME just to check it hasn’t been updated without me realising (in part this is because the file size quoted on the page doesn’t the same as on my system - probably due to the 1000kb != 1mb issue)

Would it be possible to include on the downloads page the date on which the SDK was most recently updated.

I guess getting a RSS feed of our blog filtered by “Official Release” tags would be a better idea than re-downloading the SDK all the time. Theres a date on the download as well.


Where is the date on the download? I must just be being blind

@richtea said: @normen

Where is the date on the download? I must just be being blind

Looks like the latest redesign of the downloads page removed that, sorry. If you go directly to you see files with dates though.

Thanks for the suggestion. I could always just slap a timestamp on the page.

We don’t post so many new articles that it would be a pain anyhow, but if you want to follow strictly our releases, this is the feed for it:

I updated the page with a simple manual date stamp.

As for the “Java 8 version of jME”, that won’t happen until 3.1, which afaik is still quite a few months off.

You can use any JDK with jME if you edit the jmonkeyplatform.conf file (see troubleshooting page). However there might be compatibility issues, JDK 8 hasn’t been checked in any way with jME yet.

@erlend_sh Thanks for the very fast response, that was exactly what I was suggesting!

And thanks for letting me know its months not weeks so I can stop checking quite so obsessively. As this is more of a curiousity thing than a need to use java-8 I’ll wait for it to go official rather than messing with jmonkeyplatform.conf

By waiting for the official release I mean; play around till it works.

Trying to change the JME IDE to use Java 8 failed; after changing the conf file and setting the JDK version to 1.8 (aka java 8 ) all the source files got warnings of the form “Object.class: major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest version supported by this compiler” and it behaved as if it was Java 7

However; I tried opening JMonkey projects within Netbeans 8 (which caused untold problems when it was Netbeans 8 beta) and that was successful. Obviously I needed to follow the instructions to use JMonkey as a library in annother IDE but other than that it seems to be working fine. I wrote a more detailed answer regarding how I got this to work on stack overflow: java - JMonkeyEngine with JDK 8 - Stack Overflow

Would it be helpful if I post any problems I encounter using JME/Java-8. Obviously I wouldn’t expect them to be fixed till 3.1 but would you like the heads up.