Incomplete Checkin?

The automatic build spits out compile errors since the last nca-checkin… is it still not complete?

btw. does anyone want to receive those build-failure mails, too?


    I can't say I'd be jumping up and down asking for the honor, but if you're the only one receiving them I'd be willing to help out. 

Sorry, got called into a meeting in the middle of the checkin

Finishing now.

ok, np, just wanted to make sure you know it being incomplete.

@darkfrog: I don't mind being the only one recieving them. As I probably did not fully understand the amount of joke in this 'yes, I want to' - do you want them? where to?

Sure, send them to

It will be good to have another person just in case you're asleep or find something better to do than stare at your e-mail waiting for things to break.  :wink:

k, you're in :wink: