Inconsistent mouse cursor visibility bug connected to game controllers

Ok I am writing a sort of “Choose your own adventure game” where I use the mouse to select some home made buttons with. It works just fine on my development machine. Then today when I wanted to show my work on the living room computer there was a bug with the mouse only being visible when I was moving it. Otherwise it worked as expected and it accepted mouse clicks just fine.

Unplugging the two controllers (a microsoft 360 and a madcatz) solved the problem… funny thing is though that I have a xeox controller plugged into the dev machine and that causes no problems. I ofcause have the


However I dont use the controller input for anything yet, I only log it. Don’t see how it could conflict with the mouse input in any way. Setting it to false however also fixes the bug.

Any ideas what could be causing this and if there is a way to fix it. If I ever finish the game and start selling it I dont want to have to tell my customers, “Oh if you want to use the mouse unlug your xbox controller…” That’s kind of lame.

I suppose I could make it an option in the options menu to not look for game controllers at all. It would be cool though if you could just switch between the two control methods seamlessly like for instance in the witcher 3 game; where as soon as you push a button on the controller, your mouse cursor turns invisible and the tooltips change to controller scheme… and soon as you move the mouse cursor is back and tooltips are reverted…

Unless you have code that is disabling/enabling the mouse then this is something to do with your OS.

If you do have code that enables/disables the mouse then it might have a bug.

JME isn’t the cause in this case.

Yeah I figured that somehow windows decides to hide the mouse because of something with the xbox controllers, but why? I don’t have any code disabling/enabling mouse except ofcause the code that disables the flycam in the .

public void simpleInitApp() {

I just don’t get why or how the xbox controller can disturb mouse handling…