Incorrect COLLADA version!

I got it!!!  :smiley:

The only model version I seem to be able to export is collada version 1.4.1 - - and jmonkey can only support 1.4!  XD thank god for some closure on why I cant get any single model into jme!

But it sucks even more now… because I know nothing exports the older version  :expressionless: sigh

I'm stuck… unable to import any model into jmonkey :frowning:


When I take the man.dae out of the CVS and try to upload it in maya, with the .dae plugin installed, the program crashes  :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone import/export any models from jmonkey? how?

I've had trouble with Collada too, but I have got it to work reasonably well. However my preferred route is from blender, via Hevee's xml exporter, then using XMLToBinary to convert it to an old-fashioned .jme file.

With Collada, I got the model into jme using the newest Collada exporter, then ModelLoader in jme to make a new-and-improved .jme file. However the textures on it are "stuck" somehow, I can't change anything about the TextureState, from the one set up on importing. The mesh itself is fine though.

You might want to try starting with a simple model like an untextured cube, and work your way up. Then you might be able to identify some feature of your model that is breaking the process. If it's any comfort, model import/export is ALWAYS a huge pain in the backside in any game engine, with any modelling software, it's not just you who has trouble. Admittedly that is what Collada is meant to solve, but of course it won't because by the time it almost works, everyone will switch to a new "standard" :wink: Just kidding :slight_smile:

Hevee's xml exporter…

I try to connect to

but it times out. Is it hosted anywhere else?

Sadly, this happens every now and then to my uni's www server. I can connect now without problems, maybe just try again?

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

sorry hevee, maybe you could ask someone else to host a copy of your stuff in case that web server of your university is making problems. (maybe ask mojo?)  :|

one hack is to just go into the collada file and change 1.4.1 to 1.4.0…works many times…(until the importer is updated)

Yeah, that is certainly a way around it. What I will do is throw a warning when the version is not correct, rather than killing the import. Fortunately, 1.4 to 1.4.1 is not a huge change and shouldn't break too much. But it is enough of a change that our tech artist does not want to risk upgrading the exporter until after a demo coming up. So, it'll have to wait a little while longer.