Incorrect links when search in wiki

Hello together,
I noticed that when you search something in the wiki and click on the proposed article it always leads you to that page.

That’s because the link is incorrect:

As example: I want to open the HelloSimpleApplication wiki entry. For that I go to beginner tutorials and click on the entry. The page shows up correctly with the following URL:

But when I use the search tool, a new tab with the following link is opened (picture above).

Well, you can see that the link is different but it’s annoying to change the URL all the time when you search for a specific wiki entry.

I just wanted to report that issue and I hope that someone would be so nice to fix that.

Thanks in advance!


Okay … RIGHT NOW the wiki is working for me, just the search bar is not working correctly.

Yeah, I noticed search is busted the other day and had to manually enter links I found in searches.

Not sure who to tell at this point.