Independent animations on depended/linked meshes


I need use more animations on one object.

I use md5importer for animations.

For example imagine bending finger and ring on it.

Ring moves with finger when it bends, it's first animation.

As second animation I need to animate ring which will turn around finger

for all time without dependency on first animation, but ring must be on finger.

I'm beginer in 3D I have no idea how can I do it?

Thank you for help.

Get the bone fo the figner and aprent the ring to it, woudl move it the way you want.

Then you need only a animation to attach it to the finger.

I found marine with independet head animation in md5importer examples. But it is only position link of body and head. Head is moved with body and body animation does not affect head. I need body animation affect (deform) animated head, so head will be summary of two animations… Is it possilble? Can I do it with another animation importer?