IndependentSpatialTransformer timeConcatenation?

Dear Sirs,

I have the following scenario:

the1stNode with the1stTransformer

the2ndNode with the2ndTransformer

I configure the animation following, with the intention to concatenate transformations in time. I want the1stNode to move from 0sec to 2sec, and the2ndNode to move from 2sec to 5sec, then both animations not to occur at the same time, but concatenated in time. Then I setup this:

the1stTransformer.setPosition(0, 0, new Vector3f(…)); // position of the1stNode @time = 0sec

the1stTransformer.setPosition(0, 2, new Vector3f(…)); // position of the1stNode @time = 2sec

the2ndTransformer.setPosition(0, 2, new Vector3f(…)); // position of the2ndNode @time = 2sec

the2ndTransformer.setPosition(0, 5, new Vector3f(…)); // position of the2ndNode @time = 5sec

The problem I get is that after assigning this controllers to each node respectively, and then running the animation, both transformers do start at the same time (when starting the main@SimpleGame) and they dont concatenate in time. The2ndTransformer does not start 2sec later than the1stTransformer, as I specified in setPosition, it starts at the same time that the1stTransformer.

Please, would you mind telling me why is this happening? What's the solution to correctly concatenate in time two independent transformers (moving independent nodes also)?

Thank you, very much!

Manu  :wink: