Indie scroll-shooter game, who wants to join?

Hello friends! Me and my friend Jama would like to make an indie game. Gameplay is like alien vs. predator (the oldest game from nintendo We did some kind of demo in blender. We desire to make a game.

Gameplay: a spacemarine explores a space station and kills monsters.

We have no money, but if we make a half of a game we can find some from one investor. Also you will be getting % from sellings from indie portals.

We are looking for a 3d programmer.

If you are interested, please, send me a private message or:

skype: mifthbeat

icq: 418057580

mail: paul_geraskin (aaattt)

Thank you!!!

Great artwork, hope you find somebody soon. I guess it should be no problem, theres lots of programmers searching for artists here, maybe one or two are courageous enough to jump off their MMO idea and help you out :wink: Is there a specific reason you ask for a jme2 developer? jme3 should be perfectly capable of doing this and since its in active development we can work together on problems and/or needed extensions in the engine for your game.

Good luck,


Thank you friend, there is no problem about JME3. :slight_smile: Just i thought about JME2 as more convenient at the moment for programmers.

Thank you again!

Art samples are looking great. They are your own making, right?

We have a wiki page that might help you choose between jME2 or jME3.

I’ll say this though: Go with jME3. Why? Because right now the entire jME core team is dying to see a couple professional grade jME3 games out and about, and we will give a lot of extra attention to a project like this to make sure it follows through to the very end.

Is this your first ever game project?

Thanks, Erlend Sogge Heggen! Me and my friend Jama are 3d artists and we are looking for a programmer. I think JME3 suits better, thank you. Actually, this is not the best art for us. it was just a technical demo. If you are interested making of the game, so you are welcome. :slight_smile:

And thank you for some kind of support!

This looks quite interesting! A hint of advice, don’t just look for one investor :wink:

Me and my friend are going to make a scroll-shooter game (something like Super-Mario). if someone wants to join, so you are welcome.

Possibly, it will be open-source, as this is our first project.

It’s very simple. Simple levels, simple gameplay. Simple coding I suppose. :slight_smile:

I suppose you revived this older thread because it’s essentially about the same game, and you are resuming development? Frankly, to avoid confusion I would start a new thread. Also snap some new images, put them on imgur and embed them directly onto your post so people can immediately see your artistic skill, both as a 3D modeler and jME user.

For anyone considering joining this project, I’d like to officially vouch for @mifth . He’s a longstanding member of this forum. He has been active and very supportive in the jMonkeyEngine community throughout his stay. I don’t know him too well as a game developer, but I can safely say he is one of the most competent developers around when it comes to the jME3 art pipeline, both for making the assets and getting them in and working, which is an essential component for any game.

If you make a new thread I’ll re-post this, it’s up to you.

Also, here’s a little “recruiting ad” primer:

  • Define a rough estimate of experience needed to work on your project. How many years of programming/Java experience? How many years of jME? Any other experience needed? e.g. Blender or Photoshop.
  • If you are looking for different types of expertise, don’t look for more than 1-2 at a time; focus on what you need the most help with right now.
  • Selling your project: Briefly point out any essential work you’ve done already. Design docs, art assets, prototypes. Also a rough vision & agenda can go a long way. Short term projects (1-6 months) with experienced members, existing work and a cool, easily approachable idea will have a good chance at attracting competent developers.
  • Selling yourselves: Any prospective teammate wants to know what they’ll be getting into. Briefly point out your strengths and weaknesses. Your weaknesses will usually be what other members are expected to complement.

@erlend_sh , thank you for your warm words. You are right about everything. One person has answered me and we talk to him about a project. I think we make a new topic with a new annoncement soon.

Thank you very much Erlend_sh !!!

I could be interested, I’ll post more later :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thinking twice, I think you’r better of with someone more experienced. I’m sure I could do it, but you (@mifth) seem to be pretty experienced, and I don’t want to slow down your project or drag down the quality of the game.

Oh, @makeshift you reminded me of a 5th and important pointer:

  • Make it easy to contribute!

    Obviously just making your project open source goes a long way, which is why I think many more first-time projects ought to be doing themselves a favor by going open source. In addition to that, there are plenty of other things relating to openness and good structure that makes it easy for others to contribute:
  • Good documentation
  • Easy contact (make yourself available)
  • Open design documents

@erlend_sh : So this is your studies used in practice :slight_smile:

@makeshift I sent you a private message.