Individual Particle Manipulation

Hello. I aim to use particles to graph a Lorenz Waterwheel I have built. I will scale the particles so they are essentially lines and use the concepts of polar coordinates to rotate the lines accordingly. I have the math all worked out, but when I tried to implement it,I ran into an issue.

The methods for individual particle manipulation [particle.setLocalTranslation()] exist in the API, but JME says it cannot find the symbol. I used JME’s auto-update to update, but the issue persists. Is it possible I’m working with and older build of JME or is there something I’m missing?

Maybe you mean Particle.setPosition?

When you type “particle.” and then press Ctrl-Space you see all methods of that object… Shouldn’t be too hard to find the right one there ^^

Below is a screenshot of my dilemma.

I even tried setting p.position = Vector3f, but jme stopped me as that would be changing a final variable. I do not know why my JMP does not recognize methods in the API, and even prevents me from using them.

try p.position.set()?

You’re not supposed to change the references of the vector objects, as that could cause various issues.

p.position.set() works great! Thanks!

Now, is there any way to scale individual particles using a Vector3f? The “size” variable is listed as a float. I know I can scale the particleEmitter with a Vector3f and specify the general startsize of a particle, but I need to scale individual particles in specified directions.

Thats not possible I am afraid… Why do you need to scale the particles like that?

Well I’m thinking I can initially scale a particle so its dimensions are something like (1,.001,.001). This would essentially look like a 1-dimentional line. I could use this line to connect data points. From this “base line”, I could scale the x to get a line of a specified size ®. Then I would rotate this line by the angle arctan(slope). This would connect the two data points. Basic polar coordinates (r,θ).

Is there a class in JME that would enable me to bring this concept to fruition? And I could technically do it with Geometries, but I was leaning toward Particles because of general computational efficiency.

Kinda sounds complicated … Why not just use lines?

… Oh, lines, yea…crap. Thanks.