Indoor lighting

Hello all.

My current project uses an indoor office area as the environment. My problem is I don't know how to light it. Current lights I put in bleed through the walls. The light will shine on a wall, pass through it, and shine on the next wall. It's like the light doesn't care about objects in its way and continues to go.

It seems most lighting examples are for outdoor terrain type areas and I can't find an example of an indoor area.

Maybe I should mess with shadows for this? I just worry that some machines this will need to run on can't handle shadowing.

Any help on how to get the light to work correctly for an indoor area?

Thanks a lot.

For performance and quality in an indoor scene with static lights, you should consider pre-rendered lightmaps.

I don't have a link to any good jME examples but I know they exist. There's tons of info out there on how to create the maps.