Indoor tutorials?

Hi, I'm pretty new to jME and I was just looking for a good 3D java engine, to write scenes that are mainly based indoors. However can't seem to find a good tutorial for indoor. In most other engines I've worked with, I would start by creating a cube to represent the outside of a room, another cube within it to represent the inside, then do a subtract operation to hollow out the room, texture up the surfaces, add some lights, and then put a camera in there, and I'd be ready to go. Can't find any tutorials that cover this stuff for jME as most tutorials seem to be based on creating outdoor terrains. Am I in the wrong place/should I be considering a different engine such as jPCT?

Are you talking about a level-editor?

You can build scenes with any 3d modeling you like, for example blender, and import them into jME.

jME does not provide any boolean-methods! for creating a scene like you described you have to use a modeller (like JackNeil mentioned).