Indoor Wars


During the past few weeks I’ve been working in a Battlefield style garage game. We wanted to create an arcade feeling making the battles happen in indoor sceneries. The vehicles would be little then tanks and airplanes.

We wanted to do a little proof of concept. Even that is a big effort, we all know.

Anyway, I’m moving to London by Monday. I wish to improve my English and earn some life-experience, so I guess that I’ll have no chance of developing this in the near future because I have no laptop and I’ll have no Internet access.

Currently I got a fancy (BeanShell) console system, multiple cameras, working collisions (airplanes can land), team, spectators, etc… and a very basic networking (working quite fine in LAN). Turning this into a real game is still far from probable but… I hope to work on it in the future.

I just wanted to share this with you all. Please continue the great job that jME developers and community are doing!

By the way, if anyone knows about a Java programmer job at London, please let me know.

Here are two screenshots. I know they are terrible    :smiley:

If you'd like, jjmontes, I'd be more than happy to model up some planes for you.

Just give a max poly count, what format you'd like, and any details you want on the planes.

Then consider it done!

good luck with your new life in london jjmontes :slight_smile:

after you earn a bit of "life-experience" i'm sure you'll manage to find a laptop and an internet connection somewhere. just take your time :wink:

@sfera: Many thanks!

@EDDeshun: Thank you. I appreciate your help but anyway I'm not going to work again on this at least in a month or two. I'll request help in the future if I continue with this.