Ingamestate with FengGUI

hey … is it possible to just display the content of the window without the window layout(although semi transparent, still can be seen like a box on the screen)? i mean … in the game, when i want to display name and hp of the player but i want them to be seen as its directly on the screen without showing the window… please …  :expressionless:

*additional question - hard to put the widgets on the desired position using layoutmanager … any good suggestion? (i know you all will direct me to look for tutorials … argh… nvm … forget abt it … hahaha)

i'm not sure if this is the right way t do it, but you can display the window completely transparent, if you remove all appearance things by:

Window window = FengGUI.createWindow(disp, false, false, false, true);

hey cool!! thankz alot … this is what i want  :smiley:

hey another question that i wanna ask … how to make my background image fit nicely onto the background? for instance, maybe if my image is too small, it will stretch it to cover the whole screen … too large, then it can still fit nicely… im using this method to set background ->

window.getAppearance().add(new PixmapBackground(new Pixmap(Binding.getInstance().getTexture("data/images/background.jpg"))));

anyone? please …  :expressionless: