Input Handling for joystick controller

I updated jME for the first time in a month or two and found that 3 of my controllers don’t automatically map the way they used to so i did a quick println of the names and ID of each button on a standard 360 remote and was able to quickly fix the issue…The only issue i seem to have on remotes with 4 bumper buttons is the recognized Z axis not being mapped, typically L2,R2 or Left Bumper, Right Bumper. I looked back at the output that i was originally mapping to and realized that X-Rotation new Logical ID is z instead of xz, this is the same Logical ID as the Z-Axis.

I couldn’t really find any explanations or workaround in the forums but i figured its simple and i’m probably just missing something can anyone assist?

Button 0,2
Button 1,1
Button 2,3
Button 3,0
Button 4,4
Button 5,5
Button 6,8
Button 7,9
Button 8,10
Button 9,11
Y Axis,y
X Axis,x
Y Rotation,rz
X Rotation,z
Z Axis,z
Hat Switch,pov

I think this thread is the one that talks about the changes I made and shows how to create a custom mapping that can potentially be added back into core.

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