Input Issue: L-Shift, S, Space keys

I am having issues with the input manager. I can’t get the Left Shift, S, and Space keys to work at the same time. If I change my code to use the Left Control key instead of the Left Shift key it works just fine. I have tried clearing the mappings on the input manager, but that doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions?

I use all of these together all the time (shift is run, ‘s’ is back, and space is jump) so it should work. Must be something with your setup.

not all keyboards are built the same by the way, not all key combinations are possible, something to do with how the hardware is setup. On my dekstop i cant do the key combination shit+w+space (jump while sprinting in most shooters- which is highly annoying). Some people seem to think it was chosen to not allow this combination (rather than a combination that is unlikely to be used) to encourage people to buy the gaming keyboards.

a good way to test if its your keyboard or if its your own game code is to see if you can do stuff with that key combination in other programs.