InputHandler jme0.9

Hi, I'm new to JME and having a noob question,

I want to develop a GUI myself and searched through the documentation about inputhandlers and such.

But when I'm trying to implement it myself I get errors like class not found. Or the methods described

in the documentation do not exist.

Is it my problem only? Is there other documentation available (examples, tutorials, etc)



Perhaps you could be more specific?  What classes are not found, etc?

For example Netbeans show the following error on the following line:

MouseInput.setProvider(InputSystem.INPUT_SYSTEM_LWJGL); cannot resolve symbol

symbol  : method setProvider (java.lang.String)

According to the following guide this should work:

I've just started to use JME and I don't know my way 'around' it yet.



That guide is not for 0.9, it's for the latest version of jME (CVS or nightly builds).

Yep, that was it!

Downloaded the latest nightly build and found it!