InputHandler vs AbstractInputHander

I’m having a little issue with the difference and their usage.

With AbstractInputHandler I need to have an AbstactGame involved. I’d like to stay away from AbstractGame so I can have some of my own properties files and settings selection stuff. AbstractGame is great for demos and tests but not so good for custom stuff :).

Right now I have a nice AbsoluteMouse with a nice cursor, but I’d like to interact with a widget. Not a simple matter it seems :(. Especially when I’m not using AbstractGame which the whole widget library of stuff seems tied into. Seems a little backward?

Now, if I wish to then change things and use WidgetMouseTestControllerBasic then I have to gear things to a relativeMouse, since that’s what it uses. Which is just not going to work for me I think, considering what I’m trying to get at. Interactions with widgets and ‘standard’ non-widget nodes at the same time.

So, I’m at a little loss. Suggestions?

Oh yeah, one more thing. I also want different InputHandlers at different Nodes. So one Node may move based on mouse input, another may change color/state. I know that there is no direct correlation b/t nodes and input but I’m forming that link myself.

This means that I can’t assume that there is only one input handler for the entire application and could have it only at the highest level.

I would write a controller that detects input and modifies the node accordingly. But thats just me :slight_smile:

That’s what I’ve done. But that doesn’t solve the underlying problem. One controller need to modify standard node states. Another needs to modify a widget.node state.

I’m beginning to think I"m not going to use widgets anyhow. The mouse stuff in the widget area doesn’t allow the user to change the cursor.