InputManager Discussion

This topic is for discussing the current InputManager. Do you think the InputManager is currently fine as it is or do you have changes in mind which could be applied? The following is one limitation of the current InputManager which I came up with:

  • One limitation of the current InputManager is its single state of bindings and mappings. Multiple sets of bindings and mappings are useful when an application is made up of different contexts/parts. For example, one part (eg. AppState) is a 3D game, another AppState shows 2D game interface, another one Menu and Settings. Usually each of these uses conflicting input bindings, thus it would be ideal to have a set of bindings/mappings for each of these AppStates and simply switch between them.

What do you think, do you see the benefit in multiple bindings/mappigns, or do you have other ideas.

Try Lemur’s InputMapper, then we can have this discussion again.
IMO it should be integrated to JME’s core.


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that one. I’ll check it out.