Install OgreXML Plugin fails

Hi everyone, i hope i didnt miss the right board for this topic. I got a huge problem and its driving me nutts! I downloaded the JME3 SDK, installed Python, installed Blender. Okay so now I though i was ready to go. When I started the IDE delivered by JME I noticed I’ve got to install the OgreXML Plugin to import Models. Therefore a Filechooser is tellin me to select the python scripts path to successfully install the plugin, which I did. Okay I press Okay and it says it was installed. But now when I click the “Import Model” Button on the top by Selecting a Projectfolder nothing happens. I am a 100 percent sure I target the right python scripts Destination which was kinda like blender foundation/.blender/.blender/scripts I guess. I even started Blender and add this path into the pythonscripts destination in the Optiondialog but still nothing. Hope this is just a regular problem which Im just not able to solf these days :wink:

Looking forward hearing from you guys

Its an export script. Its used to export models from blender. It should be available in blender under “export model”.

Omg sorry my fault. But anyway how comes nothing happens when i click on the import model button in the ide?

You have to select a project, then press the button.

I did im only able to press the buttonwhen selecting a project but nothing happens, no popup o

okay I reinstalled everything. Now it seems to work. Would you be so kind telling me where to find the models which came with the engine? I read about that there are some models delivered but dont know which destination theyr located