Install problems on Mac Book Pro

Normen (or anyone else)

Further to our earler conversation, I just tried installing this on and it failed leaving no install log.

Tried again and I got the message not supported on this architecture.

I have and Intel dual core 32 bit machine.

There shouldn’t be any problems installing this right?

10.5? Then use this workaround. You know that Lion wont run on your machine right? :confused:

Edit: Or is Java 1.6 still not supported under 10.5 with a 32bit Intel? jMP depends on Java 1.6 now, guess you will have to update to Snow Leopard…


I don’t seem to be able to rename any of the files in the version folder.

I have set my java preferences to 1.6, checked this using java - version (it was 1.6 64 bit apparently the only 1.6 version currently supported by apple)

No luck exactly the same error messages and no log


Just saw your edit would it be best to use version 2

You can rename the folder using a tool like onyx or using the Terminal:

cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/
sudo mv 1.5 1.5bak

Tried the renaming still (Java preference set to 1.6) still failed