Installation Guide

I’m mostly finished with the installation guide. The only thing I don’t have (that I know of) is ‘how to test it’. I didn’t get a chance to mess with it last night, so it’ll have to wait until I can do that.

I wrote the thing up in HTML with some CSS tags to make it look a little nicer… but maybe I shouldn’t have bothered? Is there a way to post raw HTML on a wiki and have it work correctly?

I think it’s a lot easier to read this way, but if there’s no good way to update it…?

Anyway… that aside, I tried to approach the guide from a completely novice perspective… I go through downloading all the various portions (java, cvs, ant, jME) and getting everything set up from scratch.

I figured there was no sense in scaring anybody off because things looked too complicated. (Heck… I hadn’t used CVS or ant until last year, and I’ve been developing in Java since '96-97.)

Anyway… any suggestions on how to handle posting the guide?

Also, any tips on testing a jME installation?


Currently I’m unaware of any way to post HTML to the wiki. Perhaps when mojo gets back he can have a look. I’m sure there’s some way we can use your formatting.

As for testing an installation, running one of the demos would ensure that all the components are functioning correctly. Just have the user run one of the more comprehensive demos such as jmetest.renderer.TestPQTorus. If all is well with the installation and compilation, the demo should work. I suppose this would also be a good mini-tutorial for running jME programs. (It’ll introduce things like -Djava.library.path and -classpath.)

The answer probably lies here:

In general I think it is best to use wiki formatting in wiki pages. HTML markup can easily ruin the page layout if intermixed with the wiki’s own formatting.

Okay… I’m done with the guide. It’s still in HTML/CSS, though.

The formatting took just as long as writing it. I took a look at that wiki/html page, and it sounds like the wiki-html combination is just not going to work.

So… two options (unless somebody can think of something else). I can either leave it as is and it can be linked, or it can be reformatted to use wiki syntax. I’m not really very keen on reformatting it, but I will if I have to.

If anybody wants to see it, I can zip it up and email it (easier for me), or I can post it on my ancient web site that I haven’t updated since the late 90’s. It’s just one 800+ line html file.

I also created a basic ‘terms and definitions’ list. (I mentioned doing this in another thread.) That definitely should go on the wiki so it can be added to and changed easily. It’s also html, but the formatting is minimal, and will be easy to convert.

Any thoughts? Do I have perms to update the wiki? (I’m really new here… you guys let any registered person do it?)


The terms and definitions list sounds like an excellent addition to our wiki - thank you. You can go right ahead and add it to the wiki, no special permissions are requires. In fact, we encourage everyone to add to it! :slight_smile:

As for the installation guide, perhaps it can be integrated with the main site. Maybe put it on the Downloads page. Then the wiki could simply link back to there. Hmm… I think that would work very well. When mojo gets back we can finalize plans. Ultimately, he has the final say.

I’d really like to see the guide. I’ve PM-ed you with my email address.

Guide has been sent, Eric. Let me know if you don’t get it for some reason.

I’ll try and get the terms list on the wiki today. If not, it’ll get done tomorrow.


So… uhh… I still have this guide sitting here.

Should I do anything with it, or just keep it for my own reference?

No hard feelings at all if it’s not wanted. I was just trying to contribute what I could without knowing much about how jME works.


(K is for Ken, btw.)

Can you post it to the Wiki? Add it to the side bar as a main link on the left sounds good? If you’re having problems, send it to me and I’ll see what I can do about putting it on the wiki the right way, unless mojo has some plans


Nope, I thought that was the original plan (to put it on the wiki)

I could… but problem is stupid me formatted it in HTML with some CSS.

If it’s going to be on the wiki, it’ll take some time to re-format it. A significant amount of time, I’m afraid, which is why I haven’t just done it. I was waiting to hear any other thoughts on it being HTML.

Ah well. I should probably just bite the bullet. It’ll take me a few days, though. Any preferences on where it goes?


Maybe as a link on main.sidebar? Doesn’t fit on any of the other stuff, and an instalation guide should be one of the easiest things to find.

Sorry, Cep… didn’t mean to make you repeat yourself like that. :smiley:

Works for me if everybody else is okay with it.


Sure, just e-mail me and I’ll get the guide up on the site (unless you want to host it youself).