Installation problem : error with ant


I'm a newbie…

I have problem while following the 'getting started' instructions. Here the step that I've done:

  1. First I have installed J2SDk 1.5 and then set up the environment variabels. The Javac and Java command are 

        also running well.

  2. Second I have downloaded and installed WinCVS and ant, and set up all they needs to run.

  3. Third I've used this command in WinCVS command prompt:

            cvs -d login

            cvs -d checkout -P jme

        I wait until it finished.

  4. Then I've compiled it using ant, with this command :

            ant dist-all

        But here comes the trouble, there are a lot message of warning and javac errors. Most of them telling that the 

        files needed to be compile are not exists.

    I have tried download and compile it agains using WinCVS and ant 3 times, but all of them are the same. Please Help me, I'm very stuck right now.

    Thank you.

I almost forgot to ask wheter WinCVS has somekind proxy setting option?

Since I've tried with computer that using proxy server and  failed, but not with the non-proxy server.

And how to make sure that the source code we download with CVS are really complete (what is the message indicating that it's finish)?

And is there any issue about the ant, since I'm using the latest version?

The CVS is only for jME 1.0…

(also, unless you think we are all mind-readers; some error printouts might help.)

I’m sorry basixs, i don’t really know how to ask in forum (this is the first one,i ask in a forum :’()

I attached the code so it won;t get too messy…

Following this tutorial will make your life so much easier…