Installer disappears when clicking next (windows x64)

Hey all,

I’m just recovering my system after some major borking and resintalling everything. Everything’s gone fine until I come to install Jmonkey.

The installer runs and shows me it’s initial window but when I click next it just disappears with no errors. I checked and it’s disappearing from the process list so it’s not hiding in the background.

After some investigation I managed to find the logs…( Why do they go in the user directory? That makes no sense to me.) However, I see nothing in the logs to indicate an error. Here’s the latest pastebin of them anyway.

I’ve re-downloaded the file several times, to different drives, with different browsers but the same thing happens. Never had a problem with this before and my system set-up should be the same as before so I’m stumped…

Maybe try deleting the whole installer folder, might be it thinks you already have that version installed. It goes to the user directory because its a global installer that can be used for more things than the SDK.

Deleting the .jmonkeyplatform-installer folder from the user directory has sorted it. Lord only knows why that would happen with a fresh windows install.

iam having the same problem

Well, did you use the solution posted?

I also had this, cutting the folder named “.jmonkeyplatform-installer” and putting in into a backup folder solved the problem as is suggested.

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its still not installing is there any error log i can find in tmp folder

its showing this after that nothing