Installer not working on MacOS

On MacOs Mojave 10.14.6 (Intel) the installer is not working.

I’ve tried 3.3 and 3.2.0 stable.

I’ve also tried the workaround mentionned somewhere in this post… not working for me. I’m not looking for a solution, since I work on PC - but I have a mac when I’m on the go.

I would just like to point at that for a software, having an installer that does not work on a platform is not a very good point.

Are you talking about the Engine, or the SDK? Note that the engine is currently at 3.5.0, which includes upgrades to improve macOS compatibility.

Can you also define “not working”? What errors do you get, etc?

Most likely the SDK. Install Java 11 first. Then try the installer and it should work just fine. If not, please give some log/error, even information what was the workaround you tried. As a software developer (I assume since you are trying to get jME) you should understand that you are really giving us nothing to work on :smiley:

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It’s the SDK (the one with netbeans) - there’s no installer for the engine.

There’s no displayed error. You double click the installer .pkg, then nothing happens. When you right click, then go to show package content, and start bundle.jar, there is indeed an error about java versions.

Since then I’ve installed openjdk 10, with a java version manager tool called “Jabba” (pretty sweat). It seems to be working.

With openJdk10 on 3.2.0 : installer works
With openJdk10 on 3.3.0 : installer does not work, bundle.jar says : "An unexpected exception happend in thread main. UnsupportedClassVersionError. … Compiled with JRE 54.0, this version recognizes up to 52.0

Maybe the necessary java version should be displayed on the website, in this page : jMonkeyEngine | Quick Start

The default mac java version is … 8 ? i’m not sure, but definitely not 11 :smiley:

For people who just started jmonkey, like me, you download something and expect it to work, or at least show an error message. I think the dev team knows about this bug, I’ve seen a message about it somewhere on the forum.

Update: I’m having so much trouble setting java version globally on Mac. I can figure out the problem by myself, so don’t worry.

But I reiterate : Maybe the necessary java version should be displayed on the website, in this page : jMonkeyEngine | Quick Start


Thanks for the update and glad you got it working. If you experience a bug. Or like in this case it is verified bug. You could submit issue to the SDK project. People involved in the SDK don’t probably have any Macs available, so any help in that front is highly appreciated!