Installer will not run, incoorect MD5 in distribution

[2014-08-10 01:04:56]> … check MD5 of file : /tmp/.nbi-7080451.tmp/bundle.jar
[2014-08-10 01:04:56]> … expected md5: 66fcf5c21e5bfed24390ab07baf8e271
[2014-08-10 01:04:56]> … real md5 : 4456b7ba0b11b18e69fafd309f56350f
[2014-08-10 01:04:56]> … integration check FAILED

Installer file /home/dtrombley/ seems to be corrupted

Can someone look into this?

Download directly from, your browser doesn’t like our web server it seems.

That is where I downloaded it from.

Also, that makes zero sense - it’s a standard apache directory index and my browser (browsers, since I tried several) is recent and up to date.

It looks like the wrong MD5 hash is being used when the file is checked. If the transfer was corrupt it would very likely fail in some other way.

I can open the .sh installer with a text editor and see the hash checksum that is reported, it is not corrupted.

I can unpack the binary .jar and manually MD5 it to the claimed incorrect hash, it is not corrupted.

I’ve tried it on a couple machines now, please actually try to do a clean install and then look into the problem… I want you to verify which MD5 (look, there are two reported above) id the correct, current realease. Your server may have been hacked and the install jar replaced with malicious code, for all we know right now with an installer complaining like that…


It would make sense if you didn’t download from there but through PHP, which is why I would suggest downloading from apache with its default index, right? Many people got issues with the download through PHP with exactly this output, ten thousands don’t have issues at all though, so forgive me when I expect the issue to be on your side.

So, checking the installer right on the server I can see the same issue. Not sure if its a disk issue or something else, I’ll build the current installers again, then they also have the latest updates.

^^ Die Ausnahme bestätigt die Regel :stuck_out_tongue:

@Empire Phoenix said: ^^ Die Ausnahme bestätigt die Regel :P

Well in this case exactly not… But I doubt somebody who can hack into our server and places malicious code in the installer would be so stupid to not change the MD5 check so I think we can rest assured its just a plain old file corruption.

Thanks Normen!

(By the way, I’d venture the guess that some folks might be having the difficulty you mention b/c their default locale is not something 8-bit and the .sh installer is being sent as a text type… might want to make sure the download packages have Content-Type: application/octet-stream, or specify an 8-bit encoding such as “UTF-8” in the content type so it won’t use the browser/system default. Or you know, could be something completely different…)

The build went through, you can try the new installer. I don’t know enough about the code in the WordPress download plugin to put my finger on why it corrupts the files for some people and I am frankly not interested in digging into it.

Is this issue still open? …or am I doing something stupid? …or has anyone having this problem found a solution?

I tried downloading 64 bit version both from official (php) link and directly from updates server (with firefox and with chromium), but I always end up with:

Configuring the installer…
Searching for JVM on the system…
Preparing bundled JVM …
Extracting installation data…

Installer file xyz/ seems to be corrupted

OS: lubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso

You could extract manually form the installer and execute it, might work.

I will try to find some workaround. Meanwhile, here are the interesting parts of the output (FYI).

[2014-08-16 19:42:17]> … check MD5 of file : /tmp/.nbi-6084202.tmp/bundle.jar
[2014-08-16 19:42:17]> … expected md5: d5a01aab6bb75d3641428444799de703
[2014-08-16 19:42:18]> … real md5 : 6b4b25fa3101ff353f404c4558670787
[2014-08-16 19:42:18]> … integration check FAILED

~/Downloads$ md5sum bundle.jar
6b4b25fa3101ff353f404c4558670787 bundle.jar

I tried to download from both locations, with firefox, chromium and wget - but I always get the same error.

After quick testing SDK seems to work by:

./ --extract
java -jar bundle.jar

Funny, there seems to be either an issue with the bundled JDK on Linux64 or with the installer creator, I just built a new installer (see above).

I just realized that after my manual unpacking I now have JDK 1.8 in jmonkeyplatform/jdk/jre/

I tried to empty jdk/ directory and then extract the bundled jdk-linux-x64.bin over there but now it doesn’t start as it cannot find any java classes.

Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object

you might need to extract the jdk as well.