Installing debian

I know this is completely off topic but I'm having difficulties setting up an account for a debian forum at school and my home comp's security has been compromised. Can anyone assist me in setting up debian on my personal computer I understand everything except the partitioning my HDD is 320GB, originally I was planning to reformat my drive and set up 5 partitions;

in order

boot 500MB

10GB for debian

90GB for other o/s's,

3GB for swap and 

the rest to be data

I was in the partitioning part of the setup but then it asked about LVM which i understand to be logical volumes which i did some research on I'm still slightly confused on it though using LV would i make 4 partitions instead of 5 1 for boot, main data and swap and simply be able to partition part of the data partion anytime i want to install a new O/S

also i would just create the boot partition and flag it as well as flag the partition debian is to run on correct and i should see the extra partitions as drives correct

I understand if no one replies seeing as this is jME forums not Linux but as i said before I'm unable to reach the debian/Linux forums and any help would be greatly appreciated.

At least you picked the offtopic forum! :slight_smile: I can't help you though.

Primary (physical) partitions are the only kind of partition able to contain something to boot (MBR for example). You can create at most 4 partitions on an hard drive as far as I know. A logical partition is a solution to have more partitions, it is a kind of partition inside a primary (physical) partition. The swap partition can be a logical partition. I hope that helps.

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Just to be sure, first install other OS-es, then debian.

flipperke said:

Just to be sure, first install other OS-es, then debian.

You're right. Doing the opposite would be problematic, Windows might remove Debian by ignoring its partitions and then you would have to reinstall Debian.

Thx for all of them help I found I was able to successfully install windows (which I