Installing JME Offline in NetBeans

I have the newest version of net beans and the jdk with it. Unfortunly my good computer is offline. Is there a way to install jme on a offline computer?  :?

Burn the nightly build to a CD?

I just copied the lib files (from jME) into the 'jdk/jre/lib/ext' folder and got on with coding  :smiley:

Wow, it's really that easy? Thanks!!

Yea but ideally you'd want to set up Netbeans to download from CVS. However, you could download it remotely and bring the files home once a month to get the lasted updates. Then create a new Ant project in NetBeans (or use the existing one), compile the code, package it up and slap it into your jdk/…/etc directory.

Depends if youre working on anything with new/experimental features and require to update your source more regularly than I do.

Im sure theres a better way of pointing your NetBeans project to the jME lib files (keeping them separated from those in /etc) but I havent been motivated to find out.

You can point NetBeans to the lib - jar's in the project properties library settings and the natives in the run settings.

I'd also take a look at the wiki NB - setup guide also: