Installing jME

Hello everyone,

        I'm sorry for asking this question, but I have looked around a lot and have not been able to figure out how to properly install jME on Mac OS X. I am new to Macs so I am not very familiar with how things work (like I cannot look at the installation instructions for Windows XP and "tweak" them for Mac OS X). I am also a little confused about what the relationship between jME and LWJGL is? When I installed Java 3D (and later decided jME was better) all I had to do was copy some .jar files into the /System/Library/Java/Extensions folder. Is there a similar process for installing jME?

Again I'm sorry for asking such a basic question, but I am getting really frustrated with not being able to even install jME.


Well, I kind of figured it out. All I did was copy and paste all of the .jar files into System/Library/Java/Extensions…there is probably a cleaner way to do that though…

You are right, there is a cleaner way.

You don't really "install" libraries. At least you shouldn't - having a library you are going to program with installed at system level can (and given enough time will) lead to a number of unneccessary problems.

Instead, you should add the necessary .jars to the classpath of your app, and specify the native libraries at run-time. Tutorials on how to set up the most popular IDEs for that can be found at the wiki.