Installing OgreXML Export To Blender

I’ve read forums and tutorials for the past 3 hours, and this won’t work.
How do I install it.
I have the “” file and I have told blender to install it, but after doing so, nothing appears in preferences.
I am going crazy here, what the hell is the problem with it?
(Note: Python is installed, and PATH variable PYTHONHOME is set)



Well… If you post during the night, you may have to wait a little for an answer !

For me, installing the script is still a little random. I think you must select the addon directory and not only the script directory.
Then you go to preferences in blender, a look for ogre. Activate it and it’s done.

No need to install Python, it’s bundled with blender ;D

To be honest bumping twice in half an hour is going to make people less interested in helping, not more.

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I had trouble getting the ogre stuff working myself, fortunately the direct blender import in the SDK worked well though. Drop the .blend file in the SDK, right click it and select the option to import to j3o. There are a few limitations in the direct importer depending on what you are trying to import but give it a go.

Another option is to install the blender2ogre script yourself, or download the zip and put it in the scripts folder. I believe i’m using blender2ogre 0.5.8 (could be 0.5.5) with Blender 2.62. Not sure what is recommended tho

Thanks, and I’ll be sure not to bump.
The blender2ogre works, nothing else worked, for whatever reason.

A question though. How can I export my character (a single piece of geometry) plus its armature? It tries to export them as a .scene, not a .mesh.

Nevermind that, the blender2ogre gives me a traceback error whenever I try to export. So I’m still stuck there.

Personally, I always export the whole scene. This is the only way I found to get the proper materials.
Then convert the whole scene to J3O through the SDK, and finally do some clean-up, export J3Ms, etc. …

Maybe you could try also loading directly the blend file into JME. The importer is amazing !

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