Just downloaded the SDK as described at:

Then went to the beginners tutorials as described at:

Selected “Hello Simple Application” at:

Then went back to, as recommended, regarding setup in NetBeans:

This then indicates that I didn’t need to download the SDK but just the nightly build:

“Alternatively, you can use your favorite IDE…”

Thus, it would appear the SDK is not required but just the nightly build:

“Download the most recent zipped build from”:

On this page I don’t see a nightly build but the latest appears to be:

2013-05-26 06:06

So I am right in saying that to use the JME3 SDK and not be a JME3 developer I just need the latest build .zip?



Continuing with the tutorial it states on page:

“Select the jMonkeyEngine3.jar library entry from the list and click Edit.”

There is no jMonkeyEngine3.jar in the Libraries folder. Thus, do I select the /src folder for all the jars with the jME3 prefix, and only for these?

Continuing, at the bottom of the page I am directed to:

where it now states:

“we assume that you use the jMonkeyEngine SDK…”

Thus, I’ve just been thro the loop SDK → non-SDK → back to SDK.

For a newbie, it’s a bit confusing as to which approach I should be using.

I think there there should be 2 separate tutorial streams: 1) Full SDK development environment and 2) BIN only SDK?


@gmseed said: Then went back to, as recommended, regarding setup in NetBeans:

Where exactly is this recommended? It’s a big mistake if it’s “recommended”, I think.

Lol, these are the options, you can choose, using the SDK OR NetBeans OR Command Line :slight_smile: You basically just tried to do every recipe on the box at once :wink: