Instant Messaging

It just struck me that it may perhaps be useful if we have each other’s IM handles. Could be useful to quickly resolve issues, discuss things, et cetera. I’m from the generation that’s One with instant messaging, so it seems to me that it’d be a natural extension of these forums, but I’m not sure how the rest of you feel about it.

Well, to start off:


I have two that I use:

AIM: Mojoman098


I tend to leave them connected even when I’m not by the computer. So if I don’t respond, it’s not because I’m ignoring you. :slight_smile:

I suppose I should also post my MSN address:

mine is the same as my email,

IM is great, but remember that important discussions should still occur here so it is documented for other coders. :slight_smile: (my 2 cents)

my msn handle is josh (at )

AIM: StupidLagger

It’s in my profile,

AOL: Cep21

ICQ: 21202507

They’re usually running 24/7