Integrate Ogre Xml exporter with Blender


I want to know how to integrate Ogre Xml exporter with Blender… I can’t find out how to configure it… I followed the tutorials but it can’t work for me

jMonkeyEngine SDK: Importing and Viewing Models :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

Dear readers,

same problem here. Just spent a couple of hours trying…

Tried the information provided in:

Following page makes a good attempt in helping but not sufficient for me I’m afraid:

In my Windows 7 installation I hoped that this was the correct target directory (this was after a re-installation in which I selected to put scripts into the (non-suggested) installation directory:

C:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.57/scripts

However, the additional OGRE export alternatives do not appear. Am I (are we) missing something?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

best regards Ralf

Maybe you over-read that the exporter is for 2.49 and that its the only supported blender version for animation export right now.

Hi Normen,

thanks for your speedy reply. I indeed never crossed that information. :?



Well check my first posted link

just a question… Is it possible to write our own exporter for blender 2.5->j3o without any need of ogre?

Is j3o binary format, or it could be human-readable like xml? I just want to understand how difficult to write the exporter for blender.

Makes no sense, to write j3o you basically need java, so an importer is better. Stick with Kaelthas .blend importer.

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Thanks! i get you.

and there is an other problem…“Error Python installation not found”… “the script needs a full python 2.5 installation”

Whats the problem? It clearly states that you need to install python 2.5+

I did that with python 2.6… but it didn’t work for me… should I install python 2.5?

You sure the installation went right? It seems the installation cannot be found. Can you open a command line and type “python --version”?

thank you normen I installed python 2.5 and it works for me… thank you so much…