Integrating GBUI with basegame

so here's the scenario… I want to render a simple box in BaseGame… the box just stands the in the middle… and I would like a window from GBUI on the bottom-right side of the screen wherein a slider or buttons that I could make use to enlarge or shrink the box in the middle… can you help me with the code???

A reply at last… thanks… Actually, I'm very new to this kind of stuff… just got a couple of tutorials/samples worked on both packages but not together… can you give me an example of integrating GBUI with simplegame with my given scenario… then I think I'll be able to work my own code afterwards…thank you very much

I never used gbui before sorry.

There are many tests in the gbui source.

guess nobody wants to help me :frowning: :expressionless:

Your question is too unspecific, thats why most people just shrug and continue :slight_smile:

With what part of the code do you have a problem?

The BaseGame implementation?  (i'd use SimpleGame for a start or use BaseSimepleGame and throw out what you dont need)

The wiki on the GBUI google page has many examples.

mhelz - there are a ton of examples in the test section.  And FTR, it's not that no one wants to help, but that (as core-dump stated) sometimes the question is vague.  In this case, I wasn't even in town to help.  What you're asking for is pretty easy to do and wouldn't take long to implement…  I'd suggest you check out the code in the test section of the src.


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