Intel opensources linux graphics drivers for latest integrated graphics chipset

I thought it was worth mentioning, because I think Intel deserves some credit for this move!

What this means is if you buy an Intel based laptop or budget computer in the future, many of them will be able to run jME right away if you install linux and Java (and with the new licensing, Java can be included in many of the linux distros too). No more messing around with drivers and kernel versions. Of course it's also likely there will be less bugs in the OpenGL part of the drivers.

And right after reading that I found this: (look at the bottom of the article)

That's just rumours though.

i really like intel for continously releasing free drivers for the graphic chips, unfortunaly they are not very impressive performance wise. and i don't even like intel enough for that, to buy an intel cpu over an amd. :slight_smile:

on the oter note: if amd would release free drivers for x, or at least proper documentation, so that the x-guys could develop drivers, and nvidia does not follow, my next graphics card would definitely be an amd card. they could even save money by just releasing documentation and let other guys do the work. by the time i would buy my next card, they could even be stable. :slight_smile:

Yeah… I think both Intel and AMD are both more about just selling as many boxes, preferably with their own brand of chips in it. They don't seem to want to do things that hurt the market a lot, for the sake of stealing a little PR victory over the other. nVidia and Ati can definatly be accused of doing that, and not having good linux drivers because otherwise their precious propriety-trade-secrets-that-make-them-so-much-better-than-the-other-according-to-the-marketing-department was the consequence of this.  Let's hope AMD will take a hint from Intel (those often take pretty good hints from each other) and let them put a stop to that.

In any case, I think Intel did the right thing here, and I commend them for being the first to do this. If I'll buy or have to recommend a laptop with integrated graphics for use with linux in the future, this will definaltly give Intel an edge.

sure thing.

the only precious secrets they have in their drivers are probably the hacks they include to fool 3dmark or standard benchmark games like doom3 or hl2 and maybe some stupid software patent infringements. i can't believe they would lose anything by just releasing good documentation. i never got why they don't do this.

mh, looks like intel is going to release some "advanced" features of their driver in binary format only for the first time: