Interaction problems with TestAwtPanels


I have detected some interaction problems with the TestAwtPanels example, when I rotate the camera. This problems depends on the fact, if I use an external monitor to enhance the screen.

Case 1: without external monitor, only notebook screen

I move the mouse cursor maybe at the left side of the 3D window and drag the left mouse button to rotate the camera. If I release the button the position of the cursor isn’t at the left side of the window; it is exactly in the middle of the 3D window. Why is that so? In the TestCanvas example it is different (and better, I think): After releasing the button, the cursor is still at the position like before dragging.

Case 2: screen enhancement with external monitor

Same task as in case 1: If I release the mouse button after rotating the camera, the cursor is shifted (circa 1000 pixel) to the right to the external monitor. To interact with the 3D scene again, I first have to move the cursor 1000 pixels to the left onto the 3D window. Thats really cumbersome.

Is it possible to fix these problems?