Interactive terrain & texture editing + portals for PTS

Sorry to spam the boards with multiple releases of Procedural Terrain System these past couple of days, but these releases represent much hard work, and as you will know if you read the posts, each release represents significant accomplishments not available in any other product.

I have added a Portal to the texturized Plateau example.  This is evidence that the threading and wiring is well controlled, and that every thing is properly designed as OOD instances.  Here is a screen shot of the startup area.  The dirt diamond indicated here is a portal.  Step on it and the entire world map will be replaced and you will be standing in another world.

I have added a new example to demonstrate use with a jME HillHeightMap + automatic elevation-derived texturing, with flexible interactive elevation and texture editing, and efficient persistence for the edits.  This requires interaction to appreciate, so please run it.  The screen shot just shows the editing controls.  _ smooths elevations.  You can flatten the hills by turning up the brush radius.  By turning up the brush size then elevating with keypad +, you can push yourself up as if in an elevator.  The elevator floor will turn from dirt to grass to snow as the terrain system updates the textures based on your elevation.  You can also paint using the 3 available textures.  Details available at