Interested in starting a project


I’ve been into the online software development for a few years now.

I wonder if there are professional people here that accept coding requests for payments.

Probably now have a few thousand to invest in a project. Would not be too detailed, and mostly a tactical game with topview/“fly-by” camera.

I tried this in the past too, but I only found some people that were not professional enough to continue the work and eventually quit with it.

So this time Im wondering if people like Normen would accept paid projects or other developers with several years of experience with jmonkeyengine.


Not to be too discouraging but you might be underestimating the amount of work/pay involved. Most developers here (professional or otherwise) already have their own projects that they are working on. Finding ideas is never the problem. The problem with most seems to be having more ideas than they have time to implement.

A few thousand isn’t really enough to buy much time from a professional developer. Unless the alpha version of the game can be implemented in a week or two.

It really depends who you are hiring. A good developer in London gets £400 a day or more. £2000 would get you one for a week. A student on the other hand is likely to work for pizza - but will take 3 times as long and the end result will be nothing like as good.

What I have done in the past for people is come in and do code review/design discussion/etc for them. Essentially they hire me at my hourly rate to review their code and design so far, maybe solve any particularly tricky problems, etc. The problem is that as @pspeed said most developers (myself included) already have plenty of projects to work on and I for one really can’t take on any more big things. I already turned down a contract with a bank recently.

You may find you are better off being smart with your money. Work out what you can do yourself, spec up the rest, and then use the funds appropriately. For example if you can already program then you may need that money for artwork or sound effects - or to get something particularly tricky coded so that you can fill in all the stuff around it.

Good luck!

What they said but I can imagine there might be some developers that would go for a contract based on shared revenue. But this only if you visibly have something you can put in. E.g. you have all the assets prepared already or you have a publishing contract or something… For going at such a project without that I guess everybody can imagine somebody better than a “random person” from the forum.