Interesting Java networking product

Hello, all.

In my continued bumbling about with my game, I thought again about jME and the issue of needing a networking solution to work along with it. Google immediately thrust me upon

These folks have a very affordable source-code licenseable package that works in J2ME, J2SE (and C++ and Flash). It looks pretty good, and the docs are on the site.

If I read their costs correctly, the tire-kicking license is $50, and the commercial license starts at $125. For something with source code, I’d suggest that this is fairly compliant with a Mojomonkeycoding project.

As for my own project (if you recall… naval technology simulations – videos at ), I had a very successful presentation in the UK for an audience which included several admirals of the Royal Navy!


Sigh… upon reading further, the licensing costs of the networking tech they offer is intricate and not at all as cheap as I indicated (though it may be for development and testing).

e.g.: a commercial version of the "casual" SDK might be $5000, and for the "Pro" $10K – might be worth it in some cases for sure, but my remarks about how jME-like the terms are was clearly unwarranted.


Is the naval sim is done in jME?

Sadly… no.

It is in Java, however – driving the Wildtangent plug-in.

I would GREATLY appreciate help in at least moving the core of my work to jME. If someone were good at this, I could pay modest consulting fees. Feel free to pipe in.

Wildtangent is moribund and clunky (to say the least), whereas jME is being actively developed by talented people, and I know that people more talented in Java application packaging than I can distribute its apps in forms that begin to approach the "click here to install" ease REAL users demand.

I am keen to have my code work Mac and Windows (Linux is a plus, but not a requirement), to have multiplayer, and to have a documented and fairly sane art path. So far, I am none-for-three!

I have been mulling the Torque Game Engine or licensing some of the top-shelf engines, but some of these choices necessitate funding levels which put me in the chicken-and-egg world of needing a team to merit funding, and few people wanting to join an unfunded team.


Too expensive…

I’ve started to make a project called JeNN (Java easy Nio Network) which makes use of network damn easy. At the moment it works as an alpha version, and gives good result in TCP/IP mode (I’ve been able to create a working chat program that uses unlimited client connect/disconnect). I will license it under the LGPL license. I’ll make a dedicated project page when the engine will implements all the things I want (mainly TPC/IP - done - and UDP - in work -).

If you want I’ll notify you with a PM when the lib will be out.


It sure won’t hurt to hear when it’s ready. Thanks!